Korea Mobile Game Landscape V1.2

Korea Mobile Game Landscape V1.2


As various players are being introduced with the growth of the Korean mobile games market, Mobidays launched a ‘Korean mobile games market map’ and continued to update it regularly in order to easily glance at the domestic mobile games market.


The important features of ‘V1.2, the Korean mobile games market map’ are as follows:

Securities are also important in mobile games

The games will hold no significant value if they aren’t backed by strong security, no matter how interesting and fun the games may be. Games with poor security may cause various problems such as users’ personal information exposure and system instability due to hacking. Since smartphones are personal devices containing lots of personal information, the hacking of such devices may cause many negative results to its users. This will lead to brand image being tainted, users leaving, and decline of sales.

As mobile security began to gain more and more importance, a ‘Security’ category was added to the ‘Korean mobile games market map’. Seworks, Inka entworks, NSHC, and Wellbia.com are some of the domestic players.

Hardware, not a smartphone manufacturer but a smart TV

During this latest update, a Hardware category was also added along with the Security category. Hardware refers to smart TV and not the smartphone manufacturer. Smart TV refers to a multi-functioning TV that allows users to install various applications in order to surf the web, view VOD, use social networking services, and play games by combining internet access to a TV (Source: Naver Cast). Simply said, an OS feature is added to TVs which allows various applications and internet use possible on TVs just like smartphones. As smartphones gain more popularity, the term smart TV is gaining more generalization as well.

Early smart TVs weren’t indicated as easy public appliances in the domestic market due to high prices. However, according to the Headquarters of Broadcasting Communication Promotion, 75 million smart TVs were distributed in 2013 and over 100 million smart TVs were distributed since 2014. It is expected that by 2017, 73% of all flat screen TVs will be smart TVs. As the number of smart TVs increase, it is anticipated that the smart TV games market will be officially established starting from 2015. As popular games such as Angrybird and Winning Eleven began to move into the smart TV games market, smart TVs are growing into an important new game platform.

High 1 Entertainment closes down its games business

High 1 Entertainment, established in 2009, is a subsidiary company of Kangwonland and focused their business on contents business such as games and animations. The company has serviced various mobile and online games such as Legend of War, The King of Fighters M, Seven Core. However, after 6 years of yearly deficits in the billions (won), the company decided to close down its games businesses and is preparing to start businesses in remanufacturing, defense supply manufacturing, and wellness clinic. This is why High 1 Entertainment in the publisher section of the ‘Korean mobile games market map’ was removed.

Pre-launching Campaign category

The service for the Korean pre-launching Campaign event was looked over carefully again. ‘Game I’ still had its webpage but no substantial management was being made, amd ‘Kakao Games’ did not officially release its services for dictionary registration. In order to cause less confusion, Game I and Kakao Games were deleted from the pre-launching Campaign category of the ‘Korean mobile games market map’.

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