Korea mobile advertising ecosystem, Mobiscape KR1.5

Korea mobile advertising ecosystem, Mobiscape KR1.5


Thanks to your support, it has already been a year since the Mobile Advertisement Research Institue(abbreviated as MARI from here on) was founded. Through this opportunity, we would like to sincerely thank all of you who have expressed support and love towards MARI and its contents. About 60 pieces of contents have been issued so far through MARI and our materials that summarize the current status of business, including the Korean Mobile Advertising MOBIscape the Korea Mobile Game Landscape have received the most interest. Afterwards, various other business maps have been released, including startup, fintech, and foodtech, and this showed that interest towards and efforts to understand the IT and mobile market is increasing. Here, at MARI, we will continue our efforts to provide various materials that allow easy understanding of the mobile market.

Since October of 2014, MARI has released ‘Korean Mobile Advertising map, MOBIscape’ and have continuously watched over the trend of mobile advertisement market. The map released last April, MOBIscape KR1.4, got much more complicated compared to the early version due to the addition of many more players. ‘MOBIscape’ was updated in order to continuously provide an easy understanding of the mobile advertisement market, as was our original goal. The details of the updated MOBIscape KR1.5 are as the following.

Mobiscape KR1.3_0102

(Download MOBIscape KR1.5 at: http://goo.gl/2Cp7OJ)

Rearrangement of the players
The complicated arrangement of the players in the prior version of MOBIscape has now been reorganized. Full service Ad agency, Digital Agency and Media Rep. that are in charge of making advertisement dealings have been placed on the top left and Ad tech players related to these players have been placed right underneath.

ATD and DSP that help the Agency
ATD stands for ‘Agency Trading Desk’, and they assist programmatic buying in the advertising field instead of advertisers or agencies. ATD locates the medium with the appropriate audience that satisfies the advertiser’s purposes and then makes advertisement dealings through real time bidding. Moreover, ATD analyzes and reports advertisement results according to programmatic buying. Therefore, ATD makes comprehensive advertisement possible through integration with overall RTB platforms(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc) including various DSPs.

DSP stands for ‘Demand Side Platform’ and is a system that manages and assists real time dealings of online advertisement areas. Advertisers(or agencies) can check the performance of advertisement dealings such as CPC(Cost Per Click), and CPA(Cost Per Action) through DSP. DSP has a stronger individual ‘platform-like’ characteristic than ATD and allows detailed targeted advertising possible according to such characteristics.

Ad Network that allows RTB dealing
Players in the ‘Ad Network-RTB enabled’ category, though being part of the Ad Network, are also capable of RTB(Real Time Bidding) through integration with DSPs. In order to clarify the flow of mobile advertisement, the Ad Network-RTB enabled part has been placed in between DSP and Ad Network.

Addition of the ‘Buzz’ category
The ‘Buzz’ category has been added to Ad Network; ‘Ad pick’, ‘Smart posting’, ‘Byposting’, ‘Play Friends’, and ‘10Ping’ have been placed accordingly. Players in the Buzz category provide advertisement URLs or advertisement contents to its users. When users are exposed to advertisements through the URLs or contents shared on their social services, they receive rewards such as cyber points.

Other changes
The Display part that was originally divided into Reserve and RTB is now combined into ‘Display O&O’ and Kakao and Naver have been placed here. In order to make an advertisement through Kakao or Naver, one can either do it through agencies or directly progress advertisement dealings by making an advertisement account.

Moreover, the 3 companies’ one-store method has been adapted and thus ‘T store’, ‘Olleh market’, and ‘U+store’ have been grouped in App store, while Reward and Video parts that had a large share in the Publisher section have been separated.

There is no right answer in the mobile advertisement market. Various attempts are continuously being made in the mobile advertisement market even now to bring out the most effective results(campaign performance or advertisement profits) to the people concerned(advertisers, agencies, and media companies). This would mean that various services would appear and disappear, and the market will continue to go under such changes.

At MARI, we will continue to observe the rapidly changing mobile advertising market and strive to provide the current state and trends in the business through MOBIscape. The details of the MOBIscape updates can be observed at the URLs below. If you have any questions or corrections concerning MOBIscape and want to have a conversation regarding the overall mobile market, please contact us through the email address(s.y.shim@mobidays.com). Thank you.

MOBIscape KR1.0 ☞ http://goo.gl/c9zafY
MOBIscape KR1.1 ☞ http://goo.gl/ODHU6F
MOBIscape KR1.2 ☞ http://goo.gl/A0O55G
MOBIscape KR1.3 ☞ http://goo.gl/Um16j4
MOBIscape KR1.4 ☞ http://goo.gl/ImVwgX