Social Networking Service trends in Korea

Social Networking Service trends in Korea


A social networking service (also social networking site or SNS) is a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who share similar interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. – Wikipedia

There were huge interesets received from our audience since the latest release on “Demographic Composition % of Korean Social Networks” at April 2015. From an advertiser’s point of view, SNS is an ideal advertising platform. As companies analyze the brand/product they wish to advertise and launch a campaign on SNS where their potential customers are at, they can run the campaign with better efficiency.

This is what Yann Heo, the CEO of R’FN, posted on his blog regarding this.

For successful marketing, we first need to know at least about who likes our product or service, and have contents to share to the audience, such that carry good messages based on facts. Only then you would be able to have successful marketing in any kind of platform and no marketing companies of agencies can provide these contents for you. – The End of ‘Advertising Era’ from My Perspective (CEO Yann Heo)

If you understand Social Network and make use of it, you will able to run ideal advertising campaigns. The following infographic is on demographics of users for top 10 most used SNS in Korea, based on statistics from AppRanker, September 2015.

AppRanker is a mobile app statistics service that provides information about the app market using information from 100 thousand domestic android smartphone panels applied at a demographic ratio. (Sampling error ± 0.7%)


Compare to the statisctics from last April, not much changes were occured on the ranks based on MAU(Monthly Active Users). Kakao Story is still on top, which Band and Facebook follows right behind. As most of the services are ranked very similar to the last statistics, Twitter seems to be struggling(March MAU : 1996K → September MAU : 1495K) and scored lower MAU then Vingle(March MAU : 1580K → September MAU : 2256K).

Kakao Story and Band are still maintaing the high MAU as before but the audiences don’t seem to be focused on certain age group. On the other hand, Style Share (Teenager), Instagram(20s) and Cyworld(30s) were mostly used from certain age groups.

Not many changes were occurred in Korean SNS market during the last 6 month since our last update. Korean SNS market seems to be stable. As the Korean SNS market is settled, the users of SNS are getting smarter. In the early stage when users were less negative to SNS ads, the ads were effective. However, as the price of SNS ads rises and users are perceiving ads as ‘spam’, the effectiveness of SNS ads is continuously dropping.

Showing ads to users who are the target of a product or brand can be a strategy to increase ad performance, but there should be attempts of new type of ads which users will not view as spam.