Differentiated Global Strategy Between KakaoTalk and Line, Viewed Through Facebook

Differentiated Global Strategy Between KakaoTalk and Line, Viewed Through Facebook

Number of ‘Likes’ on KakaoTalk and Line’s global main Facebook page

Korean users of KakaoTalk are at 38 million and the MAU are at 38 million. Considering the total population of 50 million at Korea, it is evaluated as a monopoly.

There seems to be no place for Line if only evaluated in the domestic market. The number of Korean users is at 16 million, but the MAU is still not being revealed.

The situation is different for the global market. Line’s global users exceed 600 million, and the MAU is at 212 million. The number of MAU for the 4 main user-countries, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, are at 137.6 million. But KakaoTalk’s MAU only reached 10 million.

Due to the different situations in the domestic and the global market, Kakao and Line are managing their Facebook marketing differently as well. The editorial department at Mobi Inside summarized the global pages of the two messenger services in the following way.

#Kakao_All in one

Kakao is pushing a strategy of using a single global page. KakaoTalk’s global page had 305,289 “Likes” and it is publishing one or two contents unified in English every week.

Did you know how much the Kakao Friends love the movies? (We didn’t!)

Posted by KakaoTalk on Monday, November 2, 2015


The global page of KakaoTalk is receiving an average of 200~500 “Likes”. Pages for Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, and Italy are also being managed but looking at the number of “Likes” as well as the contents, it seems that they aren’t being actively run.

#Line_Country–specific strategies

Line is managing a global page(number of “Likes” at 220 thousand), but it felt it was simply for formal reasons considering the period of content publications, number, and responses.

However, the pages of Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia, where Line is well settled, were very active.

Line’s Taiwan page has 1 million 199,924“Likes”, and there are 500~2000 “Likes” per contents and they are getting enthusiastic responses.

【LINE 貼圖小舖】新上架<小捲尾柴柴亂跳動!>柴柴萌軍來了!動起來實在超口愛~http://line.me/R/shop/detail/5434<Butata動態貼圖2>豬到了豬到了,愛台灣的Butata帶來更local的貼…

Posted by LINE Taiwan- 再LINE一下 on Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Line’s Japan page has 866,170 “Lies” and there are 50~100 responses per contents.

【LINE BLOG】BEASTや川嶋あいさんら6組がブログを開設しました!http://lineblog.me/official/archives/1043615921.html他にも、アーティスト・スペシャリストが続々登場しています!★新登場ブログ一覧⇒ http://www.lineblog.me/#new

Posted by LINE Japan on Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Next, the Thailand page. There are 844,151 “Likes” and 50~200 responses per contents.

พบกับสติกเกอร์น้องลำไยและ Yururin หมีแพนด้าที่มีความกลม น่ารักไม่แพ้กัน น้องลำไย>…

Posted by LINE Thailand – Official on Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The Indonesia pagehas 611,612 “Likes” and 50~150 responses per contents.

Adakah orang yang chat-nya sedang kamu tunggu di LINE kamu? Coba tag namanya di sini kalau berani, Sahabat LINE :p

Posted by LINE Indonesia on Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The biggest feature of Line Facebook is that targeted country’s page is managed in that specific country’s language and the contents reflect the country’s culture. Such a decision was most likely due to the fact that global pages have a limit to fully settling down locally.

Kakao also uploaded writings in the specific languages for the pages of Italy, Brazil, and Japan but only used English contents for images other than the Japan page. However, it should be noted that perhaps active devotions and investments cannot be made due to the low popularity in such countries.

Looking at the differences in global strategies of the two services shed light on something.

Providing English contents simply because it is ‘global’ is not the best way and a detailedmethod for providing country-specific contents with according understandings of the culture is needed. However, it should also be noted that success cannot be guaranteed in overseas expansion even if specifically designed strategies are used.