Usage Rate of Domestic Video Apps…the Rise of Real-time Video Streaming

[Infographic] Usage Rate of Domestic Video Apps…the Rise of Real-time Video Streaming


Mobile videos are gaining strength recently. This is thanks to an atmosphere to view videos on smartphones through the 4th generation communications network, LTE, and data-centered phone fares being established. We then wondered, what does the current Korean video app status look like? We, at Mobi Inside, analyzed the current usage status of mobile video apps serviced by domestic companies based on the November data released by App Ranker.

App Ranker is a mobile app statistics service that uses information from 100 thousand smartphone user panels of domestic telecommunications companies to provide app market information. (Sampling error ± 0.7%).


Afreeca TV Shows Strength in Mobiles As Well

Afreeca TV is a video platform company that was founded in 1996. It is no exaggeration to say that Afreeca TV is the originator of real-time online broadcasting shows. Afreeca TV introduced a reward service represented by star balloons.

Afterwards, 1-man creators who earn money through their contents emerged. Accordingly, Afreeca TV further expanded their online services to mobiles in 2011. In terms of MAU domestic mobile video apps, Afreeca TV is currently ranked at the top.

The Power of MyLiTel, Daum TV Pot

Daum TV Pot is serviced by Kakao and it is a platform that allows viewers to watch real-time broadcasting shows through PCs or mobiles. Daum TV Pot began to rise since its use as MBC’s ‘My Little Television (referred to as ‘MyLiTel’ in the rest of the article)’ broadcast’s partner platform starting from April of this year.

MyLiTel is an entertainment program that contains edited clips of celebrities’ real-time broadcasts on Daum TV Pot.

In May, 2015, about 1.3 million people viewed MyLiTel live on Daum TV Pot and 60% of them participated through mobiles. MyLiTel still has a popular viewing rate of 6~7% and is receiving lots of attention.

V App Targets Teens

V App is a real-time mobile video app released by Naver in August. It allows viewers to watch live broadcasts or past broadcasts of celebrities (singers, actors, comedians etc.). In its early services, idol singers (Big Bang, Girls Generation etc.) who are popular amongst teens hosted real-time broadcasts which allowed V App to gain lots of teen users in a short amount of time.

The Current Status of N Screen

As real-time video streaming became possible, a new concept called ‘N Screen’ was established. N Screen refers to the technology and service that allows users to enjoy a single content (video, music etc.) on n number of equipment (computers, tablets, smartphones etc.).

N Screen service was released by contents production companies and telecommunications companies. Pooq TV – co-invested and co-released by MBC and SBS – ,Tving– designed by CJ Hello Vision – and Hoppin– designed by SK Planet are some of the main examples.

N Screen gained attention as a new form of platform for video content consuming but some of the services are barely maintaining their existence. As SK Telecom took over CJ Hello Vision, Tving will be transferred to CJ E&M and be combined with a service called ‘Bingo’. SK Group plans to divide and merge SK Planet’s Hoppin business in order to combine it into a new platform.