Live or Die! Large Japanese Corporations, Social Media Use and Mobile App...

Live or Die! Large Japanese Corporations, Social Media Use and Mobile App Marketing in 2015!


by App Ape

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Nikkei Digital conducts marketing research into corporation and brand sales numbers and their relationship to social media use. Original consumer behaviour scores are based on deviation values and other statistical information regarding 1) how well corporations and brands reach their consumers through social media, and 2) how social media activities change consumer behaviour and the way in which these consumers use the service.

This research shows social media and mobile app marketing to be a key factor in large corporations’ sales figures. Our App Ape active rate and MAU chart data can be used evaluate the current status of corporations and brands with high Nikkei Digital consumer behaviour scores. The apparel retail, fast food and toy industries all make effective use of social media. Social media and app marketing can increase your sales.



  • Data: App Ape Report, July 2015 (about 30,000 domestic android devices analysed)
  • MAU rate: Rate of users who activated the app more than once within the set time period
  • This article treats MAU as an active rate

The company with the best active rate (75.96%) was Premium Bandai, operated by Bandai – one of the country’s largest toy companies. Premium Bandai provides a shopping service for toy animation characters in Japan. Their Nikkei Digital marketing social media utilization sales ranking did not feature in the 2014 charts. However, in 2015 they surged into 18th place by acquiring niche users with high MAU rates, even though they ranked 40th in the MAU chart for their category. The company’s sales increase came from its online shopping app and product marketing, with social media focused on Twitter.

MUJI Passport from MUJI ranked second in the active rate chart. MUJI is a globally successful Japanese retail company that sells a wide variety of consumer and household goods. MUJI Passport’s MAU rate was 71.96%. Customers earn points when making a purchase. The app also functions as a catalogue steering customers towards the company’s retail stores and online shopping.

UNIQLO, one of the largest ready to wear [E.3] fashion retail companies, was ranked fifth on the active rate chart. The UNIQLO app allows customers to purchase products directly without having to open a web browser. UNIQLO and GU – a ready to wear sister company – work together to control competition and sustain customer demand.

No Starbucks app in Japan. The company obtained its No.1 ranking using only social media.

In the United States, buying coffee at Starbucks via their mobile app is becoming increasingly popular. The app allows you to earn star points, manage your Starbucks account, and order and pick up your favourite coffee. Unlike Starbucks in the US, Starbucks Coffee Japan hasn’t released its official app yet. However, Starbucks Coffee Japan still managed to rank first in the Nikkei Digital consumer behaviour chart. They achieved this by concentrating their efforts on the instore experience in order to gain regular customers without TV commercials or media advertisements. In Japan, you cannot earn any star points on your Starbucks app when you purchase a cup of coffee. Promotions such as the “Free Frappuccino Happy Hour” are also not offered. Starbucks Coffee Japan promotes their products using social media [E.5] . The company frequently releases a variety of flavoured drinks that are available for a limited time only, and they announce these new products via their major marketing tool, Twitter.

This research shows that the apparel retail, franchised fast food, and toy industries have high MAU ratings. Our results confirm that the low price approach has a positive effect on product sales. The way companies make use of mobile apps can be summarised as follows:

● Apparel retail and toy industries online shopping via the mobile app, which functions as a product catalogue.

● Franchised fast food coupons, location of retail stores, product searches

Increases in the number of young smart phone users mean that methods of information gathering are shifting to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It is important to reach your customers using social media and mobile apps, and marketing strategies must be delivered in real time to be effective. The way a company communicates with its customers can have a big influence on sales. App Ape would like to retain and update our relationship with all the apps and social media sites that are the subject of our research and analysis tool.

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