Seven Tips You Need to Boost Your Sales Funnel in 2016

Seven Tips You Need to Boost Your Sales Funnel in 2016


Each year, businesses revitalize old plans, work new strategies and incorporate the latest technological solutions to enhance their sales platform. Understandably, brands shift towards innovative mobile platforms. Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, but the world’s many consumer segments are. People are growing, changing and adapting to developed technology. To improve your sales funnel, you’ll need to be a step ahead of this year’s trends.

In 2016, mobile payments, video advertisement and in-store mobile purchasing options will take off. The smartphone has already hosted a slew of new, intelligent features. It’s developing further, and businesses are taking note of the following trends to increase sales-floor activity. Are you?

The Mobile App Shift


In the past, mobile apps were mere supplements to smartphone marketing. Now, they’re on center stage. Mobile users spend about three hours per day on smartphone usage. Of these three hours, roughly 89 percent can be attributed to app use. Mobile apps are becoming the face of mobile advertisement, too. Apple and Google have made in-app advertisement incredibly profitable—boosting the modern businessperson’s selling power.

The Branded Text Movement

SMS is a highly viable selling vehicle. Paper coupons, printout offers and desktop-based deals are falling away, and texted offers are boosting sales. Today, about 50 percent of consumers make a direct purchase after receiving a texted QR code, digital coupon or branded text. If your brand is intent upon increasing its in-store activity, it needs to target customers on their most-favored communication platform.

The Dawn of Mobile Video Ads

Field-Set for iPhone-Video

Sure, video ads have been popular for several years. In 2016, however, they’ll be prioritized over other advertisement formats. Mobile video advertisement is expanding rapidly. Consumers are watching smartphone-based Facebook videos, and they’re prioritizing them over television commercials. In fact, the mobile video advertisement market is expected to land over $13 billion in revenue before 2020. Viral mobile videos are pulling customers through the sales funnel, boosting in-store visits and creating long-lasting Internet campaigns.

The Pre-Purchase Connection

In 2015, 90 percent of buyers owning a smartphone relied on a device to conduct pre-purchase activities. Buyers are browsing products, viewing options, comparing prices and trying out digital product versions. In-store sales, now, rely on pre-purchase activity. By creating a mobile-enhanced browsing platform, your brand can directly increase sales-floor activity. Moreover, it can boost its e-commerce presence across multiple platforms.

The SMS-Based Customer Support Option

Text messages aren’t only used for digital coupons. Many industries are boosting sales by way of in-text customer support. Experts predict that 61 percent of business call centers will offer SMS-centric services in 2016. Customers conducting sales activities are doing so through text, and companies hosting SMS-based offers will dominate in upcoming years.

The Mobile Payment Guarantee

Mobiles Bezahlen mit Vodafone SmartPass

Mobile payments took a while to catch on. Fortunately, the smartphone’s ever-increasing security has made mobile pay a borderline guarantee of privacy and safety. In 2016, mobile consumers will gage a business’s worth off of mobile pay options. By 2019, Mobile payments in the United States are expected to reach $142 billion in revenue. To increase your sales funnel, you need to increase purchasing options.

The Social E-Commerce Option

Native e-commerce has gone social. Interactive visual networks, like Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest, will take charge in 2016’s mobile advertisement front. Social media outreach is still an untapped environment of possibility, and big brands are taking note.

Any sales-centric marketing strategy requires forethought. As your mobile platform evolves, pay attention to the latest, greatest smartphone offers. Sales might end at the register, or in an online checkout system, but they begin with marketing outreach. Stay tuned for the hottest mobile trends impacting the industry.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing? I would love to read your comments below.


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