Manipulate your face with face app: The new popular app on the...

Manipulate your face with face app: The new popular app on the block


by App Ape LAB


If you were even a little bit curious about how you might look few decades later or if you had imagined how you’d look if you were born a different sex, we don’t blame you. Because we are curious too!

To be able to see how you look when you get old was more of a science fiction that we could have only dreamt of a decade ago until FaceApp was launched in 2017. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can now see your AI-infused face with a click of a button on FaceApp.

The application was launched in 2017 but the popularity did not cease to exist. If anything, it has gone viral in the past few months due to (Age challenge).

Let’s see how FaceApp is performing in United States on Google Play based on the data from App Ape. The below graph tells how many people have downloaded the application and how many people have actually used it on monthly basis.





The number of users have installed the Android application is less than 2 million. Looking at monthly active users graph, there has been a spike in number of users since April of this year, with current active users hovering around 500,000 with a potential sign of further growth.

It is fascinating to see that female users are leading the demographic age chart. In case of active users, female users account for 58.5% whereas this amount is 41.5% for men.




The sex ratio of those who have FaceApp installed on their phone appears to be similar to active users, with 56.4% of female and 43.8% male users.

The age challenge effect has become apparent in the daily ranking of photography category apps where FaceApp jumped up 5 places to be the 5th most popular app in terms of (DAU) as of July 16th.




One thing is for sure that the application is seeing a resurgence and whether you think it is useful or not, its never too late to meet your future self.

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